Create the Roasting Journey in Your Office

It’s the first of its kind coffee maker that can roast, grind and brew directly at the office. Harness the magic of the Bonaverde Berlin in action and make sure your coffee is one of a kind.

An innovative combination of sleek aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, the Berlin incorporates smart device functionality, including IoT capabilities, infrared roasting and a chatbot Coffee Concierge service creating a truly tailored, memorable and the freshest tasting coffee experience. Get the best office supplies. 



Revolutionizing the Office Coffee Machine

Transform the office into your favourite cafe, and indulge in the aroma of freshly roasting coffee beans. Whether it’s to spice up meetings with clients, or just daily caffeination for your team, the Bonaverde Berlin makes coffee drinking a whole new experience. This service is exclusive for the city of Berlin.


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Bonaverde Coffee AG

Schröderstr. 11
10115 Berlin

The Bonaverde 

Coffee Tasting Experience

Introducing the world-first roast, grind, brew coffee machine specifically for business use.

"Technology has revolutionised the face of entire industries. We are trying to do the same with coffee. Our goal is tangible and positive social change."

Join the coffee revolution with us.  Let's change coffee. Together.

Technology has revolutionised the face of entire industries. We are trying to do the same. Our goal is tangible and positive social change.


Join the coffee revolution with us.  Let's change coffee. Together.

"Technology has revolutionised the face of entire industries. We are trying to do the same. Our goal is tangible and positive social change."

Join the coffee revolution with us. 

 Let's change coffee. Together.

Control the taste of your coffee. Release the exotic aromas of freshly ground coffee.

Witness the roasting process through the glass window.

Taste the uniqueness between single origin coffee and cultivars. Discover the nuances of its provenance, and explore a world of specialty coffee -- all from the office.




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Do Something Great With Every Cup


Enable Social Change

With every brew, create a fairer world for coffee growing communities. Bonaverde sourced specialty coffee ensures that farmers are compensated for their efforts with a more sustainable level of income.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Make ethical practices permeate all elements of your business. As a business role model, you can lead the way in sustainable digital social engagement.


Form a connection with your farmer through Bonaverde, and learn more about the single origin coffee, communities and the places from which your coffee has originated. Experience their journey as you see your support help improve lives. Direct, transparent trade creates a platform from which farm communities can launch into a better future.

Direct Trade & Sustainability

Fair Trade endorses an entire supply chain to act responsibly. RFID technology on Bonaverde green bean pouches enables Direct Trade, which exceeds Fair Trade practices by further cutting out middlemen. As such, consumers purchase directly from farmers -- rewarding farmers and communities with increased income, recognition for quality, uniqueness, and brand, which is all re-invested into sustainable business practices.



Spend less time procuring coffee for the office supplies, and more time drinking it instead. Explore your favourite mix of coffee varieties with our Coffee as a Service and let Bonaverde take care of the rest.






Coffee as a Service

 Smart Coffee


Your Plan




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Revolutionizing the Office Coffee Machine

Create the Roasting Journey in Your Office

Coffee as a Service

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Coffee Tracking
Unleash your machine’s features

Get useful data reports on your favourite coffee varieties, daily peak times and total monthly usage. Tailor the Service to best suit your needs and preferences and optimise use of our remote coffee brew scheduling features, and customised product delivery.

Maintenance Kit
Built to last

Your machine will stay in peak physical shape with a bit of monthly TLC. Our easy to use Maintenance Kit ensures regular air filter changes, grinder clean and de-scaling.

Eternal, glorious, caffeination

Out-of-Order is a thing of the past! Instead, we just replace any machine requiring attention with a brand new one, avert crisis and you never have to wait during machine servicing.

Smart Fulfilment
Automating reordering, delivery & payment

Seamlessly manage coffee stock, consumption, reordering and invoicing by automating it! With smart stock management and delivery, let Coffee as a Service handle reordering, and payment for you so you’ll never run out of coffee again.

Account Management
Let us optimise your coffee experience

Get personalised account management, and make your machines work best for you and your team. We bring you easily up-to-speed with new product developments, features and updates, services and coffee tastings.

Multi-Machine Subscription
Scalable coffee brewing for the masses

Small team but thirsty? Mutli-national conglomerate? Either way, no matter! Get the right number of machines to match how much coffee your office goes through.

Maintenance Kit

Coffee Tracking

Interact with our machine now!

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